After years of watching property taxes soar with no end in sight it became quite clear that the only way taxation could be tamed was through community involvement.

PaTAG was formed by one individual, Mr. Clair Moyer, with support and assistance from a close friend who requested to be kept anonymous.  On May 2, 2014 at 1400 hours the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Action Group was officially formed.  The application to register the name along with the $70.00 filing fee was submitted on May 21, 2014.

After numerous meetings by the two originators it was decided that the first order of business was to address taxation.  Not only the amount of taxation but the methodology by which the taxes were implemented.

The second order of business would be to amend the State Constitution to allow citizens to draft and submit initiatives to be placed on the ballot for popular vote during elections.

PaTAG in essence would be an organization in which legislatures and governing officials would recognize and respect as a force representing the voice of the citizens.

It is the desire to have PaTAG grow throughout the commonwealth.  Organizing districts to handle the concerns and issues of local regions as well nationallly all under the umbrella of the original PaTAG.

A mission statement was drafted and by laws established which can be found on other pages of this web site.