Great Stream Commons was purchases in 1998 by commissioners Ruth Zimmerman, Max Bossert and Harry VanSickle. Union County borrowed $12 million to buy the land after an effort by USPCI to put a hazardous-waste incinerator there was abandoned. Refinancing bonds, especially in a market of much lower interest rates, has kept using tax money off the table to pay for the loan.  Union County Industrial Development Corporation ran out of money to market this property.  Now the current commissioners raised taxes in order to sustain this project and meet the bond obligations.  They have the railroad in place and still no promising relief to the tax payers.  This is something the taxpayers would not have approved had It been on the ballot for the citizens to vote on.  Below are links to articles offering insight to the debacle of Great Stream Commons.  


It’s been eighteen (18) years since this property was purchased without taxpayer approval and the promise that taxes would not be used to pay for the bond failed.  Any prudent business man would stop throwing good money after bad money.   He would sale the loosing proposition  and minimize his losses.  The commissioners are not going to sale this property.  They will continue to hold on to false dreams and hopes.  No more excuses.  Click on the link below and complete the form expressing your concerns about this property and your desire to have this property sold even if it creates a loss.  After completion, print the form and mail to PaTAG at the address shown on the form.


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Great Stream Commons

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