Pennsylvanians have no statewide Initiative & Referendum rights, even though,  Philadelphia and Allegeney County (Pittsburgh) have local Initiative rights.  When you look at a map of the United States that shows which states allow citizens the right to place initiatives or referendums on the ballot you will see that the east coast has the majority of the  states wherein the citizens do not have that right.

The state of Colorado has a Taxpayers Bill Of Rights (TABOR) and the legislatures hate it. TABOR  limits government spending to a formula of inflation plus population growth. Essentially, the law predetermines the size of the pie that lawmakers have to divvy up in the annual state budget and leaves them the job of deciding who gets what.  TABOR could not have become law  had it not been for the right of the people to place initiatives and referndums on the ballot.

A government lead by the people is far better than a government lead  solely  by  elected officials. Government can only be lead by the people when they have the ability to place initiatives and referendums on the ballot.  A government lead by the people not only controls spending but deters corruption .

Join forces and make Pennsylvania a state wherein the people have a voice in our government. Lets make Pennsylvania Government one that is envyed by all other states.

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