There are 203 State Representative Districts and 50 State Senate Districts.  Locate the district you live in by clicking on the Locate Your District button above and a separate tab will appear where you will input you address, city and zip.  Click the GO button and a page will appear displaying the legislators names in a light blue hyperlink.  Click on the State Representatives name first and the State Representative page will appear showing their name and address.  Return to this page by clicking on the browser tab labeled “Locate District” located at the top of the browser.  Click the button at the bottom of this page labeled “Send Letter to State Representative” and the letter will appear on a separate page.   Return to the State Representative page by clicking on the browser tab located at the top of the browser labeled “State Representative”.  Copy their name by high-lighting the name, then press the right mouse button and click copy.  Return to the letter page and paste the information in the name box.  Repeat this process for the State Representatives address.  Complete the form letter by entering your personal information.  Print the letter by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the letter P.  The print preview screen will appear from which you print the letter. Click the tab at the top of the browser to return to the House of Representative page then click on the back arrow located in the upper left hand corner of your browser to return to the Find Your Legislator page.  Click on the hyperlink labeled State Senator and repeat the steps you just followed for the State Representative to complete your letter to your State Senator.  Address two envelopes and mail your letters.


Locate your State Representative and Senator

Send Letter to State Senator
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Send Letter to State Representative
Locate Your District

Read the instructions below before beginning.