In order to eliminate a tax one must first find a replacement source or method to fund the services and programs being paid for by the tax to be eliminated.  The only other course of action it to dispose of the services or programs.

Property taxes are discriminatory in that they only assess taxes on people who own property.  Therefore, there are those who receive the benefit of governmental agencies but pay nothing into the system to support these services and programs.  It is also a very lucrative tax to increase because a very small group of people have been given the authority to enact property tax increase.  

Income tax is not a good alternative either because it too discriminates in that it only taxes those who work but not those who do not work.  The only real fair form of taxation is Sales Tax.  With sales tax everyone pays to support the system and we all pay the same rate.

If the figures are correct that I obtained from the Internet reflecting tax dollars collected , then my calculations show that sales tax would need to increase from the current 6% rate to 6.0195%.  This would provide enough revenue to pay for education as well as fund the communities general operating needs.  

No tax should be increased or assessed without referendum.   Any tax being considered should be attached to a specific service or program so that the people can decide whether or not the service or program is needed or desired.  Every tax dollar that is taken is a dollar the people do not have to spend for themselves.

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